Dr. Rouven Redeker joined Deloitte Legal as a lawyer and notary in December 2016. His practice focuses on advising companies and financial investors on M&A and private equity transactions, joint ventures, restructuring, shareholder disputes and corporate housekeeping. He is also active in the field of insolvency law and restructuring and advises insolvency administrators and investors on the acquisition and sale of companies out of insolvency and creditors on the enforcement of their rights in insolvency proceedings.

As a notary public, he specializes in notarizations and certifications in corporate law (M&A, intra-group and restructuring, shareholder and investor agreements, capital measures, general meetings, formation of companies, etc.), real estate law (real estate, house and apartment purchase agreements, leasehold rights, portfolio transactions), acquisition and real estate financing (pledges of shares, land charges) as well as inheritance and family law (in particular corporate succession).

Rouven Redeker is a lecturer at the German Graduate School of Management & Law in Heilbronn for Mergers & Acquisitions and Insolvency Law.