Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann is a German lawyer/founding partner at Theiselmann & Cie. Attorneys based in Kronberg im Taunus (Germany). He specializes in legal matters of executive and non-executive directors and accompanies them in complex situations (e.g. M&A, foreign investments, capital raisings, transformations). In this respect, he supports his clients in taking informed decisions and hence actively manage personal liability risks. His advisory is based on experiences as an executive and external project manager for large caps and blue chips.

Dr. Theiselmann used to work as a lawyer/executive partner in a leading German law firm focusing on restructurings and insolvencies. Prior to that, he was Head of Corporate Center responsible for the business development of the corporate finance/investment banking division of a commercial bank as well as a senior corporate finance executive involved in capital markets transactions, financing/restructurings and M&A. Before, he served as executive assistant in the day-to-day business of the board and coordinated non-executive functions in different European countries. Initially, he started his career in the media sector as a journalist and then joined a bank as public relations consultant.