Grit Karg is an Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwältin, Avocat à la Cour) at GGV based in Paris (France). She advises and represents international companies in matters of French and European business law.

Grit Karg advises her clients particularly in matters associated with the distribution of products. Her expertise relates to product compliance and safety as well as to questions of consumer protection, such as labelling and marketing, as well as to competition law. As an expert, she is entrusted with contract design and risk analysis for clients particularly in the areas of industry and of consumer goods. She also advices on strategies forreceivables management and conducts proceedings in court. She has extensive advisory experience in compliance matters in the areas of anti-corruption, competition law, and product safety.

Her areas of expertise are contract design and negotiation, distribution law, product safety, product compliance, competition law, intellectual property law, compliance, litigation, alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Grit Karg studied law in Frankfurt/Oder (Germany), Metz and Paris II (Paris). She has been with GGV since 2008 and is a member of the Franco-German practice group ‘Équipe Franco-Allemande’.