Henry Roske was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1957 and is one of the few international lawyers who has apart from gaining experience as a lawyer also worked for various multinationals. He has 25 years of experience in German-American business affairs and is admitted to the New York Bar, the United States Supreme Court and the German Bar.

After his studies in Germany, South Africa and Hong Kong Henry received a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in business and commercial affairs in the United States. Prior to his current position Henry Roske worked for five years as an attorney at Walter Conston in New York and held senior positions in American blue chip companies for more than 12 years.

These included Legal Counsel for Schlumberger Ltd. in New York, Managing Director of Schlumberger Holding in Brussels, European Counsel GE Information Services in London and Member of the Executive Board, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Philip Morris Germany in Munich, the parent company of Philip Morris’s European operations.

Henry Roske started the firm in 2003. It currently employs 6 lawyers, by U.S. standards a small full service law firm, which advises small to medium size companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the areas of relevance for its clients the firm provides through its bilingual specialist lawyers high quality and cost efficient legal services. Amongst them company formations, M&A, product liability, contractual risk management, corporate governance, visa and work permits, trade mark protection and employment.