There are no legal provisions related to the immediate measures that the management of a company should in Algeria take if it is affected by the Corona crisis. However, in practice, we have noticed that some companies have implemented the following measures in order to protect the spread of the virus and affect the employees’ health (in concertation with the employees representative committee):

1) Put its employees on leave in advance;

2) Internally relocating the employees through service mobility or put them into telework; or

3) Adaptation or reduction of working hours or part-time work (without reduction of the salaries).

Moreover, the company can resort to temporary suspension of the employment relationship with the consent of the concerned employees.

Finally, in the event the Corona Crisis impacts the activities of the company and therefore causes economic difficulties, the employer may recourse to economic layoff (before the layoff, the employers must first reduce the working hours, terminate the temporary employment relationship, etc. and then layoff part or all of the employees through social plan approved by the company and the employees representatives and to some extent by the labor inspection). However, this process is quite long and cannot be of an immediate implementation.