Ahmet Dereci is a lawyer and founding partner at Dereci & Polat Attorneys based in Istanbul (Turkey). He specializes in International Law and Corporate Law.

His past legal counseling experience in wholesale and retail sectors led to an increase in his knowledge of different legal matters. In addition to that, his experience in the media and energy sectors led him to gain significant experience in how to address potential problems in these sectors. Being involved in the management of cross-border transactions and contracts in multinational companies in all aspects gave him experience in international legal transactions.

Dereci & Polat Attorneys specializes in corporate law, international business law, IT Law and many other areas of law. In terms of company law matters, the firm collaborates with O2 Consulting based in Russia. In addition, Dereci & Polat Attorneys offers full competence in International Non-Governmental Organizations’ legal support in Turkey.

Having completed his master’s degree at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Ahmet continues his Ph.D. studies at Tilburg University. He has been registered with the Istanbul Bar since 2016. He is one of the founding partners of Dereci & Polat.