• Force Majeure: The COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate in India

    The current outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the most crucial time witnessed by the world lately, in global history. As the clock struck midnight on 25 March 2020, India was officially ordered to be on a ‘complete national lockdown’. Kunaal Shah (lawyer and partner at Trilegal Mumbai) explains why COVID-19 should now be…

  • How Law Firms Shape Their Value Proposition: Focus on Serviceability

    The legal advisory market is undergoing fundamental changes: in light of legal tech, cost pressure, increasing professional specialization and transparency, corporate law firms need to work on their value proposition. In the second part of our interview series, Jacob Christensen shows how serviceability impacts the value proposition of law firms to customers. What does Serviceability…

  • Corporate Restructurings of Czech Companies

    How can Czech companies tackle the Covid-19 crisis? Jana Otčenášková and Vaclav Sara (lawyers at PRK Partners, Prague) shed light on restructuring solutions and directors’ duties under Czech law for our “Digitorney Crisis Navigator” >> MORE

  • Corona in Canada: Corporate Solutions & Directors’ Duties

    The Corona pandemic has plunged many Canadian companies into crisis. A lawyer and partner at Miller Thomson (Toronto/Canada), Kyla Mahar gives a brief outline on restructuring solutions and directors’ duties under Canadian law for our “Digitorney Crisis Navigator”: >> MORE

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Larry Ellis

Larry Ellis is a partner in the Restructuring & Insolvency group at Miller Thomson LLP based in Toronto (Canada). Larry has extensive experience in both the litigation and commercial aspects of corporate restructurings, bankr

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