• Investments in Thailand: Legal Aspects For International Companies

    Thailand is an interesting market for international companies due to its central location in Southeast Asia, public support programs and strong economic ties with China. For a successful investment on site, however, some legal details need to be considered, which Christian Moser (Lawyer and Managing Director at Advocates Moser & Partner in Bangkok) sheds light…

  • New Incoterms® 2020: What Companies Need to Know and Do

    Many companies frequently use so-called Incoterms®, particularly in terms of international trade. This set of rules helps interpret contractual clauses and has been redrafted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) after ten years. This Digitorney LexShot gives an overview of what the new Incoterms® 2020 contain, for whom and when they are valid.  Incoterms®…

  • Patent Protection: Strategic Instrument In Competition

    More and more companies use patents to keep a distance from competitors or to open up common markets by cross licensing. This raises both legal and practical questions, which patent law expert Christoph Jonas sheds light on exclusively for Digitorney. Mr. Jonas, if we look around the “Light + Building” fair, we find LED again…

  • Why International Investors Should Eye Venezuela

    The current situation in Venezuela offers interesting opportunities to international investors: once the economy gathers steam again, demand for power is likely to increase. In addition, the South American country is rich in natural resources, which means that oil, gas and mining are growth areas. Arnoldo Troconis, lawyer and partner at D’Empaire based in Caracas,…

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Ana Chira

Ana Chira is a Senior Associate at Bulboacă & Asociații in Bucharest (Romania) and member of the Corporate and M&A team. Her experience includes performing complex due diligence procedures, assistance in international tran

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