Dinh Thi Hoang Nhung (Lawyer Hoang Nhung) is a professional lawyer and a legal consultant who accumulated in-depth knowledge, extensive advisory experience as well as reputation during the long period she worked for various prestige law firms and multinationals after studying law in Kyoto University, Japan. She is also a member of International Bar Association, Vietnam Bar Federation and Hanoi Bar Association respectively.

At the present, she is working as a managing director at her own law firm, HNLAW & PARTNERS in Hanoi, Vietnam and always striving to bestow effective, coordinated and decisive legal advises on clients. HNLAW & PARTNERS is a word-wide partnership law firm in Vietnam situated in the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi with a wide range of clients nationally and growing internationally. HNLAW & PARTNERS is a partnership between associates and lawyers. The firm also act as a bridge for international corporation with other prestige law firms in Vietnam and in the world for the clients’ choice of legal services and practitioners.

On the other side, Lawyer Hoang Nhung and her partners have presented and consulted legal issues for a broad spectrum of clients which include domestic small, medium sized enterprises and corporations; expatriate clients and enterprises from Japan, Korea, China, America, Australia. As a specialist in Business and Investment Law, her prominent expertise encompasses: settling internal disputes of enterprises, transferring employees as well as implementing legal issues related to the rights and obligations of employer and employee; registering licenses, sub-licenses, certificate to establish, expand operation scope, transform the type of business and change business lines; consulting tax payment period, tax reports, tax finalization, enterprises income tax.

Apart from in-depth knowledge and experience, she works and converses by both English and Japanese.