In order to expand its current ultrasound platform, the U.S. conglomerate General Electric buys BK Medical for $1.45 billion cash consideration. The target company is based in Boston and Copenhagen. A leader in advanced surgical visualization and intra-operative ultrasound technology, BK Medical’s solutions help clinicians see inside the patient’s body in real time during surgery, give them visual information to guide them during procedures and help them make critical decisions.

Based on the acquisition, General Electric brings this fast-growing area together with its pre- and post-operative capabilities in the GE Healthcare’s $3 billion Ultrasound business. This shall create a compelling customer offering across the full continuum of care, from diagnostics through surgical and therapeutic interventions.

BK Medical already delivers double-digit revenue growth and margins have improved significantly. In light of this, General Electric expects returns to deliver accretion at very attractive levels, including high-single-digit ROIC by year five.

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