The Portuguese government approved a series of economic support measures for companies in Portugal: 

> Lay off: employers in a situation of business crisis who have their situation regularized before Social Security and Tax Authority may benefit from financial support for each of their employees. In practice, if employees experience their work periods reduced or their employment contracts suspended, Social Security will support the employer with 70% of 2/3 of each employee’s salary, up to a limit of 1,333.50 euros;

> Financial support for the normalisation of the company’s activity: granted by a Public Institute when the company returns to normal, in the form of support of 635.00 euros for each employee who has benefited from the lay off scheme; 

> Credit Moratorium: the Government established that all credit contracts (essential to company activity) are suspended until 30 September 2020;

> Several credit lines: granted through applications, in which companies demonstrate their financial needs; 

> A tax deferral measure and contributions to Tax Authority have been implemented: resulting in a gradual and progressive easing of tax payments; 

> Support measures specifically applicable to Start-ups: an incentive equivalent to one minimum wage per employee (up to 10 employees) were also approved.